Featured book – Caro’s Book of Tells

So, how do you describe Mike Caro? His poker nickname is “the Mad Genius”, 1379and he also sometimes goes by “the Poker Professor” – that should give you an idea about the guy. He is the author of a number of poker books, but by far and away our favourite, was his “Book of Poker Tells”.

In this Book, “the mad genius” video’d a group of people playing poker, and analysed their body reactions with the knowledge of the cards they were holding. I’m not just talking a quick half an hour here either – I’m talking hundreds upon hundreds of hours.

He was looking for any patterns with a person’s body language and their situation in the poker hand. Any time he thought he found one of these patterns, he then went through the footage again(!) looking for it, and noted down the number of times that the pattern was correct based on the hand situation, and the style/strength of the player. After applying some indescribably complicated maths, which I am in no way qualified to explain here, he then somehow worked out exactly how likely these reads were correct against basic, intermediate, and advanced players.

“In poker, the money eventually flows from the bad players to the good players. Nothing else is possible.”

Mike Caro, 1981

Crazy methodology aside, his book is full of really useful poker tells for you to look out for when across the felt. Here’s an example:

Say a player see’s the flop hit, and his eyes very quickly flick down to his chip stack. What do you think that means?

The vast majority of the time, it means that he is extremely strong. Basically, looking at his chip stack is him figuring out just how much he can win this hand. A ‘double-up’ glance, if you will.

Mike Caro’s Book of Poker Tells is chock full of handy hints like these, so if you want to take your poker game to the next level – check it out!


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