Genting Partnership & Tournament Director Rewards

The Big Announcement is Finally Here!


Many of you will be aware of the big announcement that we have been teasing for the past few weeks. The wait is now over!

There are actually 3 fantastic changes taking place, so we have split this news into 3 parts.


We are very excited to announce our formal partnership with the Genting Casino

With over 35,000 employees across the globe, Genting is a major player in the Casino industry.

Closer to home, they have over 40 Casinos across the UK. This is fantastic news for our Poker League because it means that we have access to high quality venues all across the country as we grow to hold more semi-finals each season.

The more we grow, the more semi-finals we can hold, which ultimately means less travelling for players, more cash to be won, and more tickets to the Grand-final up for grabs.

For those of you who are worried about less value due to more players to beat at the Grand-final – don’t fret. As we grow we will continue to increase the prize pool on offer. Our aim is to become a landmark event in the UK poker calendar, with a significant prize pool that will be noticed by everyone in the poker scene.

If you want to see the prize pool increase, the best way you can help to do this is by putting us in touch with pubs and clubs that want to join the League!


 Tournament Directors will now automatically earn a semi-final ticket (starting in Season 3d)*

*This is in addition to the number of tickets that a venue already receives. For example, a Bronze package venue will receive 1 ticket as per their package, plus an additional ticket for the Tournament Director.

The Tournament Directors (TDs) are the unsung heroes of the Hi 5 Poker League. They go to great effort to run fantastic poker nights across the country, for very little (if any) gain. We also know that TD’s often run these poker nights to the detriment of their own experience. It can be very difficult to run a poker tournament (especially with more than 1 table) and play a solid game of poker.

Quite simply- without these guys and girls putting in this effort, our League would not be what it is today. This is why we have been looking forward to the day that we can reward them for taking on the task of running a poker night.

Now obviously we want to make sure that this isn’t abused – the last thing we want is for a non-active TD to receive a Semi-final ticket. Therefore we have come up with the following set of rules that TD’s need to follow in order to earn their ticket. These are as follows:

  1. TD’s will have full responsibility in making sure that the venue scoreboard is up to date. This will include ensuring that players are registered to the website, are a part of the pub group, and of course the actual process of entering the scores onto the scoreboard.
  2. The scoreboard must be fully completed no later than 1 week after the final day of the poker season. This includes finalising the scores by clicking the ‘mark as complete’ button.
  3. TD’s are responsible for running a fun and inclusive poker night at the venue. We would also encourage them to work with the Landlord in order to help grow the night as much as possible.
  4. TD status for a venue will be awarded on a first come-first-served basis.
  5. We reserve the right to choose a new TD for a venue, if we see fit.
  6. Finally (the legal bit), being a TD does not affiliate the person to the Hi 5 Poker League in any way. There will be no employee rights etc – it is all on a voluntary basis!


Last but not least – starting in Season 3d we will be holding a 3rd Semi-final each season in the Midlands

As you might have guessed, giving out an extra ticket to Tournament Directors for every single venue in the League means that we have more players to accommodate at our Semi-finals.

Now – we could probably have fit everyone in to the Northern and Southern events, but this would have meant much more people at each tournament. To do so we would probably have had to decrease the starting stack and blind timings a little in order to fit it into one day. Ultimately this would have meant a less enjoyable poker experience, and less value for the players (as you would have to make it past alot more people to make the final 10).

As you know – this is absolutely against what we believe in as a company. To us, maintaining the quality of our poker events is absolutely crucial. We will simply not settle for providing an inferior poker experience. We have there decided to throw more money at the problem instead, and hold a 3rd semi-final every season!

This means an additional £8,000 to the annual cash prize pool on offer (£2,000 x 4),  plus a further 40 Grand-final seats every year. Pretty good right?


We have some cool plans for changing things up a bit for Season 4

We can’t tell you this bit yet! Look for this to be announced at the end of Season 3d!

So there we have it! We have partnered with Genting, from Season 3d onwards TD’s will be earning an addtional free ticket to the Semi-finals, and from 3d onwards we will be holding a 3rd Semi-final each season.

If anyone has any questions on the above, or if you want to claim the TD role for a venue while its still available, feel free to get in touch!

Hopefully you are all as excited as we are to see the League take yet another step forward, and we look forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming Season 3b Semi-finals!


The Hi 5 Poker Team


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