• Dawn (The 'Diamond') Butterworth posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago


    Tonight we had 2 x tables. 16 players, 15 of which were league. There was £80.00 total prize money, split into 4 = £5, £10, £20 & £45. As I am cutting down on my ‘blogs’, below is a quick look at how the evening went:

    Thank you playing with us again Clare. Tonight I think was the 3rd/4th time you have joined us. Tonight I have tried to persuade you to join the league for next season (5b). You agreed….YES! I shall set you up on the system as soon as I get all your info hun.

    First out tonight, 15th place was Craig (The ‘Chancer’) our stolen PokerShark. Craig has won the last 2 weeks so his good luck had to come to an end at some point. This was it…for a while at least! In 3rd place came me. 160 points coming my way. In 2nd place was Kerry (The ‘Queen Trips’). Come on the ladies. I heard that Kerry was very short stacked at one point, but managed to bring herself right back into the game. The winner of the league tonight with the maximum 200 points was Zak (The ‘Face’). Well done sweetie.

    That’s it. Told you it was going to be short & sweet. Till next week. Byeeeeeee x

    Keep your eyes on the scores/positions/players now as there is only 3 weeks to go people till the end of this season.