• Dawn (The 'Diamond') Butterworth posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago


    Tonight there was 2 x tables. A few regulars were not able to make it tonight. Still, there was 16 players, 15 of which were league. The total cash prize pot was £80.00. This was split into 4 cash prizes = £5, £10, £25 & £40. Due to making everyone bored with my tweets, here is a shortened version.

    The first player to go out tonight (15th place) was Rob (The ‘Killer’). This was my fault too! Sorry Rob. 40 points for you. In 3rd place came Pat (The ‘Pusher’) getting 160 points. Very nice too. Is there any stopping him getting into the top 5 places? In 2nd place there was Kerry (The ‘Queen Trips’). Yeeeaaahhh, one for the ladies. 150 points went to her, as well as cash. Our winner tonight was our youngest league player, Jack (The ‘Heads-Up’).Well deserved. He came back from nothing therefore played very well indeed to go on and win the night. He received the maximum 200 league points & top cash prize of £40.

    We only have 2 weeks remaining of Season 5A, so keep aware of those scores/players/finishing positions. Until next time, byeeeee XXX