• Dawn (The 'Diamond') Butterworth posted an update 4 months ago


    Only 2 x tables this week (7 on each), 14 players, ALL league. Where is everyone! £70.00 in total cash prize money. This should have only been a 3-way split but I altered it to 4 as follows: £5, £10, £20 & £35.

    First out, caught by Pat (The ‘Pusher’) was our Ian (The ‘Ghost’). 14th place with just 50 points. Watch it Pat, Ian will be gunning for you next Thursday! Top 3 tonight were: me, hanging onto my top spot, in 3rd place, 160 points. I took £10 cash prize money too! Happy days. Mark (The ‘Moose’) was right behind me all the way, 4th place collecting 150 league points. I just keep that one step in front. It’s still close at the top between me & him though. In 2nd place getting 180 points & £20 cash was the quiet one…..Steven (The ‘Pocket Ace’). Well done to him. It’s been a while since he got anything to be honest. Bless ya. The winner tonight, was our double-venue league player, Tony (The ‘Hurricane’). Maximum 200 points & the top cash prize tonight of £35. Well played. Tony had been racking it up all night & bullying when he had too. Bummer!!!!

    Till next week peeps, byeeeeeee xxxx

    p.s. JUST 2 WEEKS LEFT