• Dean Wilson posted an update 2 years, 1 month ago

    Old red Lion see if I can get 4 tickets this season. Lol

    • lol. Don’t be greedy now Dean! We have our first ever match of the Hi5 poker season tonight. Can’t wait!!! You get around a bit don’t you lol. Dawn x

      • lol i run 2 venues old red lion and drapers arms wednesday
        got 2 td tickets for them venues
        drapers arms wednesday i came 1st so go another ticket
        they also do a sunday wich i came 1st as well
        and old red lion finshes this thursday and find out if i get a ticket from there too 🙂
        just wish there was more semi final lol

        • Wow! Imagine if they held parties for the TD who has won most tickets in a season…..there will only be you and ME there lol!!! I’ve just finished entering our scores for our first league nights play. I came 3rd out of 18. Not bad, could have held on for 2nd place, but fancied the gamble at the time. Good luck for your next game.